regular customer

“Daniel is a very experienced and professional masseur. Indeed he is! He knows very well the human body and his energetic points, and of course this is a plus while he uses his hands. I have been knowing him for about two years and, unfurtunately, I can’t have his massages eveytime I want as he…

Alexander Athens
regular customer

“In Mykonos there are so many massage therapists, but no one specializing in a specific technique as you. I really liked the treatment and hospitality. You are very gracious people!” manager

Sofia Mykonos
regular customer

“I received a Shiatsu treatment. As soon began to touch me, I felt the energy flowing from my shoulders down. When he finished the treatment, I was very disappointed, because I wanted more  I must say that I did a Shiatsu seat ten years ago, I didn’t like, now I understand why, it was not Shiatsu.…

Jay German Germany
regular customer

“Very professional masseuse. His studio out of his residence was very private, clean an secure. You feel nothing but comfortable while working with him. Prior to starting he asked plenty of premassage questions so to ensure I got the exact massage I needed. I am from South Florida on vacation an after touring Athens for…

Victoria Blanckensee Sidney
regular customer

“We booked a massage with Amazing Massage Mykonos when we visited 3 years ago and it was well worth it! The most relaxing massage!” manager

Smuel Wyss
regular customer

“What an absolutely fantastic massage… great technique and so experienced masseur! On top an absolutely friendly personality and makes you feel at home straight away! Definitely will be back!” Smuel Wyssmanager

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We do: relaxing massage, Shiatsu, Thai massage, reflexology, facial reflexology, metameric therapy, dermalgic therapy. For man and woman, incall or outcall in villas, yatch, private party and also tips to stay in good health, about nutrition, lifestyle and so on.

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  • We really love our job
  • Always up for new techniques
  • 10 years experience working
  • Is not a job but a passion
  • We do Master in all the world
  • We don’t look at the clock